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About Future Dental Assistants of Atlanta
Not having enough time to go back to school is no longer an excuse. In only ten Saturdays you will gain the core skills needed to apply for an entry level dental assistant position. Future Dental Assistants of Atlanta, LLC offers an accelerated dental assistant training course in a real operating cosmetic dental office.

Combined our instructors currently have thirty years professional dental experience with front office, clinical and management backgrounds. Future Dental Assistants of Atlanta, LLC offers courses that are small and personal leading to a unique hands on learning experience.

Testimonials for Future Dental Assistants of Atlanta
​“My name is Yaneth Rosales and I’m from Mexico. I took this course because I love dentistry so this was something inexpensive and easy to do to get in the field. It was a 10 Saturday course which was awesome because I work during the week. The staff are amazing people. Amber who was our main teacher explained everything so well and if any of us had a doubt she stopped just to solve it. Eric was awesome too; he helped us and gave us advice. I really feel very confident about myself now to go and ask for a job as a dental assistant because they taught me how to talk to the patient and treat them during their appointment. It was a small group which was great because the teachers could focus on each one of us and it made the environment so cool between everyone. I learned so much in a very short time. I’m really thankful and I totally recommend it, it’s really worth it.”  
​“Such a great experience! The instructors are incredible, and very hand-on. I really enjoyed my time spent here!” 

“Everyone here made class so much fun. Lots of hands-on learning so you are never bored. I strongly recommend this class to anyone interested, you won’t regret it!” 

​“This was an amazing class! I loved that everything was hands-on and the instructors took their time on teaching us and making sure we understood everything! I am glad I took this class!!” 

​"I was so impressed with the instructors at Future Dental Assistants of Atlanta. Even before enrolling, they gave a tour of the school and answered all of my questions. Class was hands on and very thorough! They are professional and even go as far as helping make resumes flawless! Having completed their course, I feel so prepared to begin my new career!

"I have always been interested in the dental field and didn't think I would have time to go back to school and work at the same time. I was very excited when I found FDAA and that the program was only 10 weeks. I was so nervous when I started class wondering if I was capable of learning a new field, but Amber and Eric both were GREAT teachers, they made sure we got the info and didn't mind going over the info again if needed. I was looking at 3 different schools and I am so glad I chose FDAA, I would highly recommend them."

"I am so glad I chose this school. The instructors are AMAZING - because I know they really care. I feel confident starting my dental career. I would recommend this incredible school to anyone looking into the dental field. Two thumbs up!!!